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Occupational Therapy Westchester

Our Staff


Lydia J. Stern, M.A., OTR/L

Lydia is a recognized expert at combining sensory integration principles with neuro-developmental treatment, and it is the hallmark of her clinical practice. Lydia's innovative approach to therapy provides countless opportunities for children to learn new skills and improve functional performance.

With over 25 years of experience, Lydia uses the power of play and exploration to motivate children to engage in adaptive behavior and to nourish their sense of self.


Occupational Therapy Services Include:

  • Sensory processing
  • Handwriting remediation
  • Motor performance
  • ADL
  • Body awareness
  • Praxis disorders
  • Fine motor development
  • Therapeutic listening
  • Assistive technology
  • Vestibular protocol

Education: New York University School of Education, Health, Nursing and Arts Professions, August 1980, Master of Arts.
Awards/Certifications: NDT Trained, Neuro-Developmental Treatment in Pediatrics, June 1984.
Associations: American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA) , Sensory Integration Global Network (SIGN)

Karen Teters, PT, PCS

Karen brings over thirty years of clinical experience from a variety of pediatric settings. Advanced training in neuro-developmental techniques, motor learning and sensory processing theory guides Karen's sensory motor approach to physical therapy.

Working closely with family, caregivers and other professionals, Karen provides a highly successful foundation for improving children's functional motor performance.


Physical Therapy Services Include:

  • Musculoskeletal & neuromuscular impairment
  • Developmental delay
  • Torticolis
  • Gross motor incoordination
  • Brachial plexus injury
  • Orthotic and splinting management
  • Orthopedic rehabilitation
  • Positioning/adaptive equipment
  • Rheumatic diseases of childhood

Education: California State University, Northridge, Allied Health Professionals - Physical Therapy Program, May 1976, Bachelor of Science
Licensure: California 1976-present, New York 1988-present
Awards/Certifications: NDT trained, Neuro - Developmental Treatment in Pediatrics, May 1988; PCS - Pediatric Certified Specialist, 2007
Associations: American Physical Therapy Association (APTA), Neuro-Developmental Treatment Association (NDTA)

Andrea Rauso Eckerle, M.A., CCC

Andrea is an expert in the area of oral motor/sensory and feeding therapy with infants and children. She works closely with many school districts, training professionals and conducting seminars in early feeding development.

Her 25 years of experience also includes Prompting and Myofunctional therapy for swallowing.



Speech/Language Therapy Services Include:

  • Receptive and expressive language
  • Aural rehabilitation
  • Articulation/Phonation
  • Pragmatics
  • Praxis
  • Augmentive communication
  • Oral motor/feeding
  • Social skills
  • Auditory comprehension
  • Fluency

Education: Hunter College of New York, 1987, Master of Arts
Awards/Certifications: Trained in PROMPT technique
Associations: American Speech and Hearing Association (ASHA), Westchester Speech Hearing Language Association (WSHLA)