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Office hours by appointment only. Every effort will be made to accommodate infant, preschool and school aged populations.

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Physical Therapy 10570

Our Services

    Physical Therapy

    Evaluation and treatment of gross motor skills, developmental milestones, tonal abnormalities, fascia restrictions, limb length discrepancies, arthritic conditions and ambulation skills.

    Occupational Therapy

    Evaluation and treatment of fine motor skills, developmental milestones, motor coordination, organizational skills, poor balance, attention and focusing issues, sensory processing and other delays in development.

    Speech and Language Therapy

    Evaluation and treatment of communication problems, including difficulty with receptive and expressive language skills, stuttering, sound and word formation, and coordination of breathing and speaking.

    Feeding Therapy

    Evaluation and treatment of feeding and swallowing disorders, difficulty with transitioning to textured food, gagging,  food aversions, poor weight gain and other difficulties with oral motor skills.


    Comprehensive evaluations using clinical observations, standardized assessments, and parent questionnaires.  Verbal feedback and an evaluation summary or detailed report will be provided as a baseline.


    Some parents may opt for a screening as a first step to determine if services are needed, or if a more comprehensive evaluation is warranted.  Our therapists will discuss their recommendations as part of the screening process and, if requested, will prepare a short or more in-depth report.

    Individual and Group Treatment

    Most children benefit from one to one therapy sessions.  There are times when a small group session is recommended to incorporate socialization and increased participation.  Our therapists will help you determine which approach is best for your child.


    Not sure where to begin?  Our therapists will discuss all of your concerns and guide you to the appropriate discipline.

    Parent Training

    We work closely with parents, caregivers and other professionals to maximize the child’s potential and to facilitate the treatment process.

    Home Program

    Home therapy programs are provided to supplement the child’s individual or group therapy sessions.  A home program can include a home visit, a sensory diet or a list of suggested tools for home use.